Hat Patterns

A while back, I acquired a box of late-1950’s through mid-1960’s Vogue hat patterns, almost all of which appear to be uncut and in factory folds; head sizes 21.5 or 22 (some say “one size”).

However, it appears that I will never outgrow my childhood dislike of having things on my head, and late-1950’s postdates my general time-period-of-interest. However, there really are some ridiculously cute patterns and somebody should use them who likes hats.

I’m listing them two-at-a-time on eBay, all with low starting bids and all with free shipping by first-class mail to the United States. I’m sure I would take a buck or two (at least) off, too, on multiple wins. No sales tax; I am not a dealer and from my personal pattern collection.

Seller ootek8599, 100% positive feedback.

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  • I subscribe to this blog feed and it's one of my favorite because I love to see what people are doing with retro looks, patterns, and fabric. Lately, it seems like it's a lot of people advertising their etsy or ebay stores and that kinda bums me. I hope to see more sewing happening soon!

  • I would really like to see feedback from people that actually make hats. I have never been able to figure that one out.

  • I have two or three other entries posted on my sewing projects, and one in the works (sorry–I work full-time and can really only sew on weekends, around my other obligations). I am not a dealer and do not have an Etsy page, nor do I sell much on eBay. I just happened to come into a windfall of pristine hat patterns that I cannot use, and this is one of the places that I *know* people sew and might be interested in getting ahold of them. What's the Internet for if not for networking?

    As for feedback on hats–can't help you. I don't wear or make them, or I wouldn't be trying to pass these along.

  • I am desperately looking for a simple cloche style hat pattern from the 1940s. Must cover the ears. For sewing from wool, not crochet or knit.

  • I do allow the occasional advert to go through. Hat patterns can be really hard to find so I let this one stay.

  • LOVE LOVE The top pattern-just found this blog today! Has it already sold? I looked at your listings, but it isn't there.

    SO glad you let this post stay! I LOVE this blog too!

  • I have so many vintage hat pattern images located here if you're interested


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