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"Up-cycled" L.L. Bean Dress

August 25, 2009

Lately I’ve been haunting the local Salvation Army, buying things that I think can be altered and made into something more interesting. Last week I found a blue rayon dress that was *very* long (almost to my ankles) and had a very boring round neckline. I loved the fabric and the dress “had good bones,” so for $3.99 it was mine!

I shortened it and used the cut-off fabric to make a new neckline with a collar. Here’s how it turned out:

I think it looks a bit 1940’s-ish. Sorry for the wrinkles – I wore it at work all day. For more pics and details, check out my blog.

  1. You did an excellent job on that neckline, and I love the fabric too! You have inspired me to get back to that sewing machine, and get to work.

  2. Thanks, tammyo! What I really love about the hat is that it's made of toyo, so I can reshape it every time I wear it and it will hold the shape! Tomorrow it'll look completely different!

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