1. Gertie, you're an angel! When I leave work today I'm going to run right home and see what I have in my stash that I can whip up with your tutorial! Thanks for doing it!

  2. Thanks all! I hope you enjoy.

    Bopalena, silk needs to be either handwashed or drycleaned. I am a big proponent of handwashing since it is a lot cheaper!

    However, I really recommend testing a scrap of your fabric first to see how it reacts to handwashing. You can use a gentle detergent (or baby shampoo works!) and either lay flat or hang up to dry.

  3. I've had a go at making this and it turned out quite well! I've just started my own blog inspired by everything I've read on Sew Retro. Making this skirt is one of the first few things I've posted about! When I'm feeling brave I'll post up something else retro I've made. Until then, thanks for the great tutorial! Emma

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