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August 17, 2009

Hi to all you inspiring sewists! Although I’ve been watching this blog for months, this is my first post and I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle (Mischka) and I’m from the beautiful wine country of the Barossa Valley in Australia. I started sewing for my self in my teenage years. My mother taught me, and her mother taught her. While it sounds like a great heritage I think we’ve all just picked up each other’s bad habits! Impatient should be our family name. I didn’t sew for about 10 years and recently picked it up again. My desire to sew again came from the horrid choice of Plus sized clothing available in Oz.

I’ve recently purchased a small amount of vintage patterns to my stash.

My first one – I love the scarf, attached at the back inside collar, that tucks under the neckline.

There are soooo many great vintage patterns out there but I’m trying to limit myself to one’s that will either fit with my ‘normal’ adjustments – I’m not skilled enough yet for the whole up-sizing thing. Hopefully I’ll get game and actually sew from one of these rather than just collecting them…

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