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Book Giveaway!!!

August 22, 2009
Hi, Guys! I’m having a giveaway for this awesome (out of print & very obscure) book, RAGS by Peter Burden.

It was published in 1987 in the United Kingdom and tells the fictional story of Leo Freeman, a man who establishes a successful string of fashion boutiques in 1960s Carnaby street London. It’s one of those trashy, guilty pleasure books (in the vein of Valley of the Dolls), but is a really fun read if you love 1960s fashion or sewing from 1960s sewing patterns! If you are interested in winning this book and having it shipped to you for FREE, cruise on over to my blog and leave a comment. I will randomly choose a winner to be announced next Sunday the 30th!

  1. Have wanted to read this book for a while now!


    I must say, I am LOVING the Roller Derby Cheerleader. That is so awesome!

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