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Some Romper Goodness!

July 23, 2009

I’ve been contemplating this patter for ages:

I didn’t want to look like a clown, so knew I had to choose my fabric carefully. I did like the stripey romper though in the picture, so have made this one:

Woo! Just wish it was summer already here, so I can jump around without tights on! As always, more photos on my blog and more deets about my current challenge, a dress/outfit a day through July! Woo!

  1. Oh my goodnes, this brings back HUGE memories! in my 8th grade home ec, a classmate did this EXACT pattern!

    She made the white version, exaclty, and got in trouble for wearing it to school before it was graded. 😀

    You are rocking it!

    (and I feel old)

  2. I would have never looked at that and thought it was something as cute as what you did but it is truly darling (like your name).

    The stockings are cute but please, please straighten them. The stripes and chevrons going sideways down the right thigh are a huge distraction on an outfit that is meant to show off your legs. Get you stockings straight, and you totally own this look!

  3. Very cool blog and concept; you are a talented sewer. I loved jumpsuits and rompers growing up in the 80s and bought an orange romper on ebay not long ago, but I like yours better. Will be back for a future visit.

  4. Awww, thanks guys!

    tcarole, you mustn't be a regular reader to my blog, as I'm on a mad rush to make an outfit a day, and seriously those stockings were the last thing from my mind. I don't really invest that much time and effort into my photos, and you'll see the lining is also showing on the romper too, in my haste to catch the sun, I didn't really fix it!

    Anyways, I won't be wearing stripey stockings with the stripey romper out in public! Too many stripes!

  5. My Mom and worked on the shirt and pant set years ago and I wore the outfit on a school outing. We used this exact pattern. I remember spotting this on the new pattern rack at the fabric store in the mall. How cool to see it and remember. Tres cute!

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