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Recreating missing pattern pieces?

July 15, 2009

I bought this cute dress from a salvation army store a few weeks ago, only to find when I got home that only the collar pieces were in the packet (I swear when I checked in the store they were all there!).

I’ve got patterns I can easily borrow from to put the dress together, and it’s a pretty simple dress to draft, but I started thinking that it might be possible to recreate a missing pattern piece from the instruction and layout images. Has anyone tried this?

I’m going to experiment with this pattern and scale up the instruction images rather than just drafting from scratch, but I’d really appreciate any hints or tips you have as I have a few patterns with one or two missing pieces. Drop me a note on my blog if you’ve got suggestions!

  1. I'm sure I've seen a website somewhere that specialises in finding pattern replacement parts. You can list the pieces you are missing and I think you can get copies from their archives if they have the pattern you need. I will do some searching in my notes and see if I can find it for you.

  2. Thanks for that, it's a great site. But what I'd reaaly like to try and do is experiment with drafting the piece myself, rather than finding the replacement piece (though sometimes that's going to be the best option!)

  3. I would imagine if you started with your shoulder to waist measuremnt (something that dosnt change regardless of the style) then you could use that to work out the scale. I imagine it will be tricky though as you will be working in fractions of an inch, particularly for small seams like shoulders. Do you have a basic block pattern to your measurements you could lay your finished pieces on to check they are right?
    Good luck with it, its an interesting experiment and would be very usefull if it worked.

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