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Greetings from Alaska

July 19, 2009

Hey all. My name is Michelle and I just joined. I am a brand new mom to a baby boy and stepmom to two school aged girls. I love vintage and retro patterns, fabric, and nearly everything else. They seemed to have so much more style back then. I especially adore things from the 60’s and 70’s. After having my son, my measurements aren’t the same, so I am working on a few pattern resizings. My first project is a little jumper from the early 70’s. I am an intermediate sewer I suppose, but I’m starting easy the first time around.
I look foward to sharing my projects with all you talented ladies, and seeing your projects in turn. I hope to learn from your experinece with vintage patterns. Happy sewing!

  1. Welcome, Michelle! I have lots of folks up in Alaska; it's beautiful up there. I look forward to seeing your projects!

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