Vintage Sewing

Style 3857–1973!

June 24, 2009

I got this pattern a while a go while i was on my search for a really great pair of pants. I really really love this pattern and even though mymeasurements aren’t 5″3 I fit into them with minimal adjustments. I love this style and they are such comfy pants to wear!

The fabric is just plyester blend suiting from spotlight and din’t cost must at all. yay!

(sorry I am re-doing the hem still so it’s not quite finished but you get the idea)


p.s I got sewing machine oil on them!! anyone know what’s best for getting it out? eep!

I alos found a new “vintage” sewing machine!!


  1. I have a similar pair of pants, similar style, similar fabric. I used a late 1960s pattern. Yours look better than mine though, because mine had a tapered leg that I tried to untaper. I also just scored a vintage sewing machine – 1974 Kenmore 1813 Zig Zag for $25! Yay for old used things.

  2. Dawn dish washing soap is great on oil stains. I use it all the time. Gets out all kinds of fix it type oils the guys get into.

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