1. Hi Trudy. Have her check these sites: Mom's Patterns; Lanetz Living and Out of the Ashes. I have purchased patterns from all 3 of these vendors. They are wonderful people. All 3 have ways to (a) search by bust size or (b) use the search terms "Plus size". Etsy is also a good source.

  2. Trudy – Carolyn over at diaryofasewingfanatic.blogspot.com sews a few vintage plus size patterns, maybe your friend could scroll through her older posts to find her sources, as well as see some of the beautiful dresses Carolyn makes

  3. I'm not sure what decade you're looking for, but I have some plus size 80's patterns in my Etsy shop.


  4. I search ebay for my pattern and I find it's really helpful to put the bust size in the search. Like "vintage pattern b44) that should turn up what you're looking for.

  5. Hi Trudy:
    Have your friend get her sloper made from her own measurements, then she can haave anything she wants made.

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