1. I've always wondered that too. I think the most I've ever paid was for a 1957 Pauline Trigere pattern which cost about £30/ $50 (incl. postage from the States), which was gorgeous. I've seen it around a bit, so I don't think it's especially rare (although whenever I have seen it, it's always been more than I paid for). I have yet to make it, but it still gives me such pleasure. Every time I look at it I expect Cary Grant to pop out from behind one of the Greek columns and whisk away the beautiful Eva Maria Saint-like model in her gorgeous dress…

    I've never spent that much on a single pattern since (my limit is about $30), and I always marvel at some of the ridiculous prices for real run-of-the-mill stuff – patterns that regularly come up on ebay for under $10. So who does buy those patterns? There's so much available if you can be bothered to look that I can only imagine they are people who don't have the time to scour the internet (or read this blog, so we'll probably never know!). Mind you, it's better I don't put a value to the time I have spent in search of nice but well-priced patterns, or they might suddenly turn out exorbitantly expensive!

  2. Haha, well as I have no social life, I do spend far too much time looking at patterns. And generally looking at vintage pictures. Maybe, as you say, these people don't have time to spare browsing, but it does upset me that people are potenitally being ripped off. Especially being as they obviously have some kind of love for sewing & the fashion which makes them a kindred spirit in my eyes.

    I tend to set myself strict limits on what I am willing to spend, and depending on the time of the month (i.e. time after pay day!) that can vary quite a bit. I think the most I have spent on a pattern was about £12 (around $20) and for the *right* pattern I'm willing to spend that much. I do have a habit of picking up super cheap patterns just for the sake of it though. I guess I am a little obsessed…

  3. Nothing wrong with being pattern obsessed! And I always justify my purchases by telling myself that I can sell them on if need be…

  4. I wish everyone with vintage patterns could find a way to reproduce them and everyone share, trade and buy and sell for prices that are modest compared to $95. I'd be too afraid to use a $95 pattern.

  5. Because I have seen so many vintage patterns at such reasonable prices, I won't even look at the patterns when I see that they are $30 and up so that I'm not even tempted. I just quickly move on to another website. It's the same concept I use with window shopping. I don't hang out in the mall just to look. If don't know it's there, I won't think, "I have to have this."

    I have over 60 beautiful vintage patterns that I found in an antique mall. The seller had boxes and boxes of them. She actually took the time to go through each one and find my size, then discounted them anywhere from $1.00 to $4.00 each. I have also seen countless reasonably priced ones on Ebay. I am surprised that they can get so much, $60 and above, for them. But I guess there are people who just don't know any better or maybe they see one that they really love and haven't seen it anywhere else; and they have the money to spend. I don't have that kind of money in my budget; so it isn't even an option for me.

  6. I buy all my patterns on ebay, and I won't even consider one over $20. I was late in bidding and saw a group of great patterns in sizes 18 & 20 go for $9.99 the other day. I always figure if you stay patient and hold out, you'll find what you want for less. After all, I have a stack of patterns that I need to get to–and I love all of them. I think people just get greedy when selling (look at shipping charges if you have any doubt), bottom line, and I refuse to play into that. So I'll wait, and if I don't get it cheaper, chances are I'll find something similar for less. I agree that some prices are really outrageous. The best way to combat that is simply not to pay it.

  7. It's about supply and demand. As long as they sell, it would be stupid of the seller to set a lower price.
    Personally though, I wouldn't pay it, even though I buy few patterns and usually make each one at least twice.

  8. Funny you should mention sovintagepatterns.com. That's the site that provoked my rant!!

    I want to know these patterns as everyone has said that they don't pay that much for patterns!!!!! 😉

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