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June 5, 2009

Howdy y’all…it’s been awhile and I am lovin’ the new look! Very sassy.

I *finally* got around to making my version of the duro, and since it is out of print (I’ve had this pattern for a couple years), I am posting it to the retro board. 🙂

The colors are sooo vibrant, my camera phone had a heck of a time taking the photo. It is a retina burning purple, swirly, red, green and blue cotton with red quilter’s cotton trim. After reading all the reviews, I ended up making it 2 sizes smaller than my measurements specified, and “cut the crusts off” (armbands and such) because I felt it too busy and unflattering.

I plan on making a few versions in various colors as it went together smoothly with zero alterations. Wait..I lied. I used a 1/2 in. seam allowance when I put on the midriff band and at the shoulders to make just a tad longer for my torso.

It is easy to throw on, adjusts for the tummy during a filling meal, and is quite slimming. I will post more on my blog in the days to come…I’ve got a million projects to upload.
  1. I am glad you like all the colors, Emily. I think we should always wear bright and happy colors! Can't wait to see what you make on your blog!

  2. You know, I've always thought the duro was a bit blah… a bit too Klimt art smock or something. But now I see what it was missing – SASS! When it's fitted and curvy, the duro is deluxe! Nice job!

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