Vintage Sewing

May 20, 2009

A seventies McCall apron dress over a cotton seersucker dress. Many apologies to the etsy shop owner that I stole the above pattern photo from (couldn’t find mine!)

  1. I had that! I made that! I loved it! Back when I was in college, I made this dress in the short version with some pale pink seersucker print. It was probably awfully sheer and revealing – I wore it in the summer to classes in unairconditioned buildings without a top under it. But of course I wore a half-slip – that would’ve been a no-no to go without a slip. I did love this dress and it looks great the way you’ve made it for today. Great job!

  2. I absolutely love this pattern too. I have made two dresses from it and they are my favorite thing to wear. The pockets are really handy for moving stuff around.

    I found mine on ebay and then my friend wanted one so I searched and eventually found another pattern for her (mine was already cut in the smallest size). You could probably come up with a pattern yourself if you are handy that way.

    This is best with lightweight fabrics, by the way. Truth be told, I made 3, but the last one I made with a stiffer and thicker material and it was absolutely hideous. I just wear mine over a t-shirt so it’s not too “backless” when I go out somewhere. An underskirt with some lace that peeks out the bottom would be adorable too.

    Both of mine just have the “over the neck” style neckline. I didn’t realize there was a criss-cross back option or did you alter the pattern? Very clever – I will try that with my next one… to come soon now that I’m reinspired by yours.

    Your fabric choice is really pretty too.

  3. Oh my gosh! I have made many an apron from that pattern, and I LOVE them all! You can find that particular pattern very cheap online (I guess no one has realized what a treasure it is…) ;). I love the fabric you chose for yours! And the pictures are beautiful!

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