SuBoo – New, obsessed, and needing your vote

April 8, 2009

I think I am getting more and more obsessed with sewing, buying patterns, adding to my stash and stalking people via their sewing blogs! I suspect that may sound familiar to many people but no fingers are being pointed anywhere except to myself *quick sigh of relief from everyone else*

In the 5 months since I have taken up sewing, I have found that the online sewing and crafting community are very supportive with their comments and feedback, so I’ve been trying to do the same by adding links to my blog ( to sites that inspire me and also commenting if I have something constructive to add.

Hopefully my 2 bits on my blog will be of use to some of you and worth a read – I’m as new to blogging as I am to sewing so I’m still testing the waters with a lot of things.

My latest experiments – pleats and blog polling! If you have a minute, please come along, have a read and VOTE! Would love feedback and also to have the opportunity to check out other blogs as well!

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