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Would this be 1950s era?

March 28, 2009

Hi! I’m the newbie that posted the other day!

I tried my hand at this pattern:

And am quite pleased with the dress:

I cut it shorter cause the original pattern had it going to my ankles! Not a good look on me! But it’s much bigger than I measured, so might list it on my etsy instead of wear it myself. I really like the wrap over pieces though, and they weren’t that hard to do!

Would you put a date on this one for me though? The pattern doesn’t have any other info than ‘Designed in New York City, manufactured in Australia’… I think it’s 50s, but could it be 1960s as well?

Anyways, as most of my sewing is about recycling this was made from a bedsheet! More photos on my blog!

  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love sewing with bedsheets… my latest two projects were made that way. It’s just too fun to get a lovely new outfit out of old sheets.

  2. My guess would be mid-late 50’s to very early 60’s on the dress. If you were going to list it for sale under an era, I’d probably consider it a 50’s dress. The cross-over straps are a lovely touch!

  3. It’s probably about 58-89 according to the hairstyle and the rough estimate of the pattern number, from what I understand. Not an exact science and I don’t sell them, but it’s where I’d put my own in dating. (Generally I’d say 50’s too).


  4. Your dress is very beautiful! Well done! I love the color and the fact that the fabric is a recycled bedsheet. 🙂

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