Picnic Dress

February 3, 2009

I promised a success story, and here it is: Anne Adams 4523

The dress, including obligatory “nosy cat” photo:

Close up of the applique detail on the hem:

This is a very clever pattern. It slips over the head, and the shape comes from the ties. The pattern calls for buttons at the straps, but it would be very easy to skip the buttons and make the straps continuous. The pockets are nice and deep, and set into the seams. The one place I struggled in the sewing was the gathers over the bust. It turned out, trying to make the gathers meet the corners of the front panel without sticking out required more pinning than I usually do.

The dress went together fairly quickly (it took about three evenings start to finish, not including the applique). The one dumb thing I did was, as I was trimming the bottom of the skirt to even it, I cut the ends of the ties off. D’oh! The ties weren’t long enough without the ends, so I sewed them back on with heavy “cross stitches,” as if I had intended to do that. Problem solved!

-LibrariAnon (formerly Peregrine)

  1. I’m in the midst of sewing my first Anne Adams pattern, and I’m finding it a bit disorienting–the directions can be a bit terse, and some of the steps seem needlessly complicated to achieve the desired affect. Did you have the same feeling with your Anne Adams?

    Anyway, the dress looks great! I love the color. I hope you are somewhere warm enough to wear it soon!

  2. Cute dress. I have an Anne Adams pattern on the way and now that Winifred has said she’s having some issues with hers, I’m a little scared. Did you have trouble with yours?

  3. Thanks for the nice comments!

    I didn’t have too much trouble, other than the gathers, but I have to confess: I don’t usually spend too much time with the instructions unless I can’t figure out what to do with the pieces or the pattern is very complicated. (I know, that’s awful of me, and I’ve greated some monstrosities because of it.)

    The instructions for the gathers were a little awkward (it took three tries on one side, and four on the other to get them sewn in right), but again, most of this pattern was pretty simple “matching up markings.”

  4. Such a cute dress! I am starting to think spring here, and I have a pattern from the 40’s (I think it is Ann Adams, too) I may have to try.

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