It’s Free Pattern Friday at The Hem Line!

Three great patterns will be given away Sunday night. Visit my blog to get in on the drawing!

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  • These posts seems like little more than a pathetic attempt to drum up blog traffic.

  • Dear Anonymous how mean spirited of you. Some of us, like me, love to enter contests, especially for free patterns. I also like visiting other sites to read and see what others are doing.

    So if you think this blogger is doing that, don’t go there! Thanks Hem Line for wanting to share!

  • Often the patterns offered on Free Pattern Friday are in some way slightly less than perfect–missing a facing, missing an envelope, something like that. Hem Line uses the giveaway as a way to gift patterns that she would have a hard time selling. It’s lovely and mutually beneficial. I don’t know why that’s pathetic.

  • I love giveaways and often host them myself. These are some cute patterns!!!! Too bad I missed this.


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