Am I late for the Contest??

Last May, I entered a contest at Pattern Review that focused on using vintage patterns. Pattern Review was also running a mini-wardrobe contest at the same time. So, I thought I’d do a two-fer and use vintage patterns to make a mini-wardrobe. Seems easy, right???

I used these two patterns as the foundation of my mini-wardrobe:

Well, eight months later, I have finally finished one ensemble: the skirt from Simplicity 4773 and the top from 5348.

The skirt went together very easily and the top just needed a FBA to make it work.

Here I am looking cheerful wearing the outfit (My Honey decided he needed more light, hence the lamp on the stool):
I really like how this turned out and will use this combination again. Heck, I may even make a mini-wardrobe out of it! Actually, I am totally relieved that it turned out well. I made a jumper out of a modern pattern, recently, that was a total disaster. Using vintage patterns really IS so much nicer and the results so much better than modern patterns! I recommend these two patterns highly if you can find them (they are from the early 1960’s).

I talked about my adventures with this outfit in this week’s Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet podcast if you’d like to take a listen to it.

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4 comments… add one

  • Lovely color!! I like the top style…I might have to find that pattern now!!

  • Thanks!
    I’m thinking that I need to make the skirt a little shorter on the next version. What do you think?

  • I, too, like the color. I am using repro patters now, as I am living this year in 1955, but I recently found some actual vintage patterns from the time and plan on attempting them somtime this month. I love your shoes, as well.

  • oh my gosh, I just said the same thing about vintage vs. contemporary patterns. I could not agree more. Outstanding color on you, too.


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