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Pink? Ruffles? Yes, please!

January 29, 2009

silk taffeta ruffle wrap dress

I saw this dress as part of the J.Crew wedding collection. Now, I’m not into wearing pink, especially not this obvious a shade and ruffles have never factored into my wardrobe, at least not since my mother stopped making my clothes. However, I loved it and actually thought it would make a much better wedding dress than the one it was pictured with. (This one is also nice in lavender!)

A few months later, I found and sent this Eliza J dress to EmilyStyle as a suggestion for her wedding reception dress.

Simplicity 7715

Well, later still, I found this gem of a pattern on Woof Nanny‘s Flickr stream of vintage patterns! At first I didn’t notice the similarities. Not until I left a comment for the picture saying how it would make a great modern wedding dress. And that was when I had my AHA! moment… ‘I had thought this before.’

Now, of course, it’s really just the last two dresses that look alike but to me they are all a departure from what I would normally gravitate to. So I think it was all a needed progression so I could fall in love with this last one. Which, come on, wouldn’t mean the same to me if it was a modern pattern. Of course, it had to be vintage, right?

I am now thinking that a version of Simplicity 7715 might be a great dress to have in the closet for weddings, christening, and other such events. Hmmm….maybe a subtle pinkish-lavender?

  1. Uncanny! And terribly gorgeous. I think you’re right, this looks like the ultimate go-to dress. Be sure to post progress if you decide to make it!

  2. I love it too, and I even think I would give the pink a go. have you seen the new Butterick patterns, they have this dress B5320.

  3. If you’re not a pinky person, maybe a musk colour? I also don’t think it would be too hard to fit some sleeves to make it more similar to the first dress. Fantastic find – it’s really beautiful!

    I came across this image somehow too when I was searching for a wrap dress. I’m writing a book about an aspiring teenage fashion designer and she wants to make a wrap dress (it’s the first dress she’s ever made). I imagine you don’t have the pattern, but I don’t think my character would follow a pattern exactly anyway. I would really love to hear your thoughts on how you would make this dress (the pink one). The character, Sarah, is using fabric from yellow drapes her mom used to have in the guest bedroom. I’d like to describe some step by steps in an easy, fun way in the story. You can email me at
    I really look forward to your input.


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