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Missing Pattern Piece

January 6, 2009
This pattern, Butterick 5594, was missing four pieces when I got it. I lengthened the skirt and re-made three of the pieces, but I’m hung up on the collar piece. All I need are the dimensions. Even a similar collar from another 70s pattern would suffice. If you have any leads please leave a comment. Thanks.

  1. What a cute pattern, great work so far.

    A few questions-

    1 – Is the collar for the dress or for the jacket? Do you have the instruction sheet with line drawings of the pattern pieces?

    2 -Is the collar a mock turtle neck? back zipper? and what is the length (at the seam line not the cutting line) of the neck edge?

    3 – Looks like a pattern for woven fabrics – non stretch – is that right?

    With more details maybe some of us can help, even if another copy of the pattern is not available.

    Wishing you the best with this.

  2. The collar is for the jacket. I do have the line drawings, which is how I made the other pattern pieces.

    It’s a mock turtle neck I guess. There are shoulder buttons that go up the collar as well.

    The neckline is 17 inches.

    It is for woven fabrics, not stretch.

  3. You might want to contact the folks at, who help people find copies of missing pattern pieces on vintage patterns (among other things, they also take donated patterns and offer them for swap).

  4. The neckline edge of the collar is probably the same length then as the neckline edge of the pattern, plus overlap for the buttons and button holes; or goes just to the edge and use loops (elastic or fabric) to hold the buttons. Make the height whatever is comfortable for wearing.

    If you are not going to buy the pattern in the comment above and want more help, just ask.

    Wishing you the best.

  5. Woops, sorry I read too quickly. Answered for the dress collar. Cannot see the shape of the jacket collar from the pattern front – It sounds rather like a Mandarin style. Anyway if you can scan the line drawing that would be helpful.

  6. Mid last year I raided my MILs collection of patterns and guess what, I have this pattern if you could let me know which peices you need I can copy them and send them to you.
    sorry about replying so long after you wrote for help but I am new to this blog.


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