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Retro styled coat

December 4, 2008

zebra coat 4, originally uploaded by scarlettquilts.

I made this from McCalls 5765 which is a Hillary Duff pattern but that is not why I picked it. I chose it because I thought it would appeal to my niece, I liked the retro styling, and it had simple lines that would go well with the zebra velboa that I had in stash. I lined it in a pink floral satin/acetate. The whole thing is a poly nightmare in terms of being green etc. but I thought a fun fashion coat would be good use of it. If you click on the pick, it brings you to my flickr site and you can see the back and lining.

One very retro thing I did was use my old Singer 201 and a buttonholer (circa 1948) to apply the buttonholes as my chi chi expensive computerized machine wanted nothing to do with buttonholing–hadn’t studied up on it, I guess. The thing was making rows of satin stitching with no rhyme or reason. The 201 was like watching your grandma shell peas. Zip Zap done, no monkey business. I’m seriously considering keeping it set up just for buttonholes but I don’t have the room now.

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