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December 20, 2008

The nice thing about a lot of men’s styles is that they don’t change much. So although this button-down shirt pattern is copyright 1949 (but someone wrote on it “Boutght April 21, 1956”, I don’t know what that story is) my brother-in-law will still be willing to wear it. Especially since I made one for my nephew that matches, and the fabric is motorcross. He’s very into motorcross. (And I am not one for matching parent-child outfits, but my sister says he likes them.) It is modeled here by my ever-patient husband.

The baby shirt is adorable. Why are miniature versions of things always cute? It is a vintage pattern too, and in case you can’t tell from the pic, has kimono sleeves (sleeves and body of the shirt are one piece) which made it a pretty quick project.

The vest is for my dad. I laughed when I was going through the Simplicity pattern catalogue at Hobby Lobby. There is a Project Runway pattern with several vest variations that are almost identical to the ones on this envelope with the exception of having different pocket placement.

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