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November 1, 2008

Happy Sewvember! Sewvember, of course, being the month of vigorous activity preceding Dressember. And, thanks to the comment on my last post which contained a jokey reference to Frocktober, I have learned that Frocktober is a real and true event that raises money for research into ovarian cancer – I never knew. I will be sure to participate next year. More here.

To start the month off right, I’ve just finished this frock. I call it Frankencleaver because it’s the June Cleaver-est frock I’ve ever made, and was frankensteined from some quite disparate sources, the first being this 70s shirt pattern here…

…and the second being my mathematically assisted foray into the world of circle skirts. Actually, the circle skirt came first, complete with calculations involving pi to get the waist curve. I was startled to find that the skirt used almost all of the 4 metres of brown polka dot cotton I had stashed away and I was a bit stumped what to do next. I pulled this odd flesh-coloured seersucker out of the stash and cobbled together a bodice. I drafted some sleeves to have the same notch in them that is in the collar, then whipped up a self-belt.

I think it is quite awesome. It cracks me up. Yay for Sewvember!!

Update in better light – sleeve detail and truer colours. Anyone know what this fabric is called? It’s like a seersucker but the puckers are patterned in such a way to resemble woodgrain or perhaps faille.

  1. Okay that dress just rules. And I adore the shoes, too.

    I need to step up my production to be ready for Dressember!

    Hey, can Skirtember be the the month before Frocktober?

  2. That’s really stunning! I’ve yet to attempt a circle skirt myself (I really am terrible with numbers) – I think this gives me the courage to give it a go!

  3. She’s a corker!

    I can see that on my return to Oz, I am going to have to get busy frockmaking. Lucky I have enough stash ‘n’ patterns for dresses for a whole year, just about…

  4. Love what you did with this. The combination of fabrics looks much better than if it were all the same. the sleeve cuffs are great!

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