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Elytra* frock (a joke for the biology nerds)

November 21, 2008

With not much left of Sewvember and with Dressember hurtling towards us amidst a cloud of garish tinsel, children singing carols out of tune and revolting consumerism, the race is on.

I whipped up this frock from this winner of a pattern and, experimentally for me, a one-way stretch jersey that wasn’t particularly stretchy. But enough to accomodate generous cake-heavy afternoon teas. Excellent. There are rather a few of those in my life.

The fabric ($5 a metre at the Clear It outlet in Brunswick St, for those of you in Batmania, aka Melbourne-town) has wee ladybirds on it. Awww. But too prevent it being too saccharine, the colours are a lovely vile olive and a dirty salmon pink.

Haven’t put the buttons on yet as I’m unconviced which to use. The ones below are leading by a nose (antenna?) at present. Also needs shortening, and a hem.

Plans today are to visit the delightful Moggy for some fitting assistance with a 50s sheath that’s gone sack-like. And rain is forecast for the whole weekend precluding outdoor adventures. I reckon I can thusly squeeze out another 2 frocks in Sewvember and of course, I can keep going all the way to the end of Dressember. Maybe I do need a Clare McCardell Frock of Awesomeness (see Miss A’s previous post). Maybe I do. Do I smell a sew-along??

*Elytra are the hardened first pair of wings of beetles that protect the actual flying wings that are neatly stored underneath. In other words, the red bits of your ladybird. You know. The bits with the spots. Entomology lesson over.

  1. All right, you’ve sold me. I tracked this pattern down after the *last* time you posted it, and now I need to add it to my to-do list for next month–it’s just darling.

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