Vintage Sewing

Vogue 3013

August 3, 2008

I bought this vintage fabric at a flea market in December, and I recently bought Vogue 3013, a vintage pattern. I think the main reason I bought the pattern was because I loved the cover illustration. It’s like clone wars! Also, look at the fabric on view A there, the middle view. Spooky!
So, of course, then I couldn’t imagine this pattern in any other fabric.
I made view D, because a girl can never have too many sunfrocks. More on the blog.

  1. Oh my, spooky indeed. That is awesome and what a fun story as well as a beautiful sundress. Hurray for you!

  2. That is a great dress!! It looks awesome. You’re lucky to have found such cool material that goes so perfectly.

  3. That fabric is fabulous, and wow, it’s an uncanny match with that pattern illustration. The dress fits you like a dream!

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