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Children’s Overalls

August 29, 2008

I picked up this pattern from Moms Patterns before I even had my youngest and have patiently waited out the year (it’s a single size for a 1 year old) before making it for him and then did 2 pairs in 2 days!

These are made from an old pair of jeans that I had worn out. You can see the pocket mark on the back of the leg! I topstitched these with earthtone Jeanstitch thread using a twin needle just to give it a bit of colour and the buttons are little mushrooms!

This pair are also from a pair of my trousers that I wore out. I remembered the patch was in my stash and then that I had some of the pirate cotton in the stash too so together it all went.

I’m very happy with the way these have come out. They won’t fit my son until winter as he was a preemie and he’s still a little small for his age but that just means that I have more time to use this pattern before I have to put it away and wait for someone else to have a 1 year old so I can put it to use again!


  1. Oh my GOD, those are the cutest things ever. I LOVE the pocket mark on the denim! And the black ones are so stylish! Go you for making such thrifty and cute baby clothes!

  2. Very nice! What a great way to use old pants. I think I have that pattern (or one very similar) in my stash, and a little nephew around 6 months old, so maybe I’ll have to give it a try.

  3. Oh I LOVE the black ones!!!!
    I am on a big kids vinate patern buying spree at the mo and had wondered how those all in ones would look like, I think I’ll get one now…

  4. ohhhh I love them both… well done on the repurposing and that pirate/skull fabric…. I love it way too much!!

  5. These are so cute. I have a baby girl that will be 1 in December and have recently gotten on a kick to sew her some outfits I just a did a jumper pattern that was in my grandmothers stash from the 70’s or early 80’s. But I love these you did. What an awesome idea for the jeans. I have a stash of jeans in my garage that I wondered what I can do with. I totally love the black ones to. They are both so cute especially the pattern.

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