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Vintage 1957 Apron

June 8, 2008

I finally had a chance to finish something!!

I recently redid my kitchen chairs with home dec rooster fabric (My Honey’s choice, not mine). There were about 2 yards left so I decided to make an apron.

I tried about 5 different patterns but none of them worked because of the directional layout of those darn roosters (did I mention that My Honey chose the rooster fabric?).

I finally found a pattern that would work–a cobbler style pattern that had been my great-grandmother’s. I never saw her or my grandmother wear this style of apron but it had her writing on several pattern pieces.

This pattern was an “‘instant’ apron: Paper pattern is one piece for each fabric in each view; pin to fabric according to cutting layouts and cut instantly.”

As I mentioned in my May 8th podcast, the pattern is designed to be laid on the open fabric. But, my great-grandmother laid the pieces on the fold (like, I did). But, and this is where we differed, instead of folding the pattern piece in half, she cut the piece down the middle!

This apron tested my bias tape application skills but I am pleased with the overall results:
You can access the podcasts at Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet

  1. What a fun apron! I like the big pockets on the sides and the full coverage in front for protection while working. You will probably want to spend more time in your updated kitchen now with your coordinating apron. Enjoy!

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