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Petticoat report

June 2, 2008
As previously reported by lsaspacey, a petticoat / crinoline really does make a difference to a full-skirted frock:


See the Frock & Roll blog for more info on the frock in question.

EDITED TO ADD: Source of petticoat was Three Muses Clothing on eBay (NAYY). Very impressed with shipping time – 6 days to Australia! I got one Leg Avenue petticoat (under this dress) and a Malco Modes one (a bigger petticoat which I have washed and it has calmed down somewhat)

  1. Mogg-oir! Simply smashing! If you don’t get called up on stage, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

  2. Wow! What a difference! Have been wanting a petticoat for ages. Where did you get yours? Checked your blog, but didn’t see any mention of where it came from there either. Love the dress too — may have to look into that pattern!

  3. That is great! What a difference!

    Thanks for the seller info, I’m interested in one for my daughter. I’ll go check them out.

  4. Wow, it’s amazing how a lovely dress can suddenly simply scream 50’s by the mere addition of some fullness by means of a petticoat! I think I need to get/make one…

  5. That fabric is awesome, the final product is just gorgeous!

    And you know, I would never have noticed that pattern in the pattern catalogue before but now I think I must make it.

  6. What a georgeous outfit. I used to wear petticoats. Sometimes, I would wear 4 at a time. Mom would startch them in this stuff she cooked on top of the stove. You did a fantistic job.

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