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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!

I’m Angela. I’ve just signed up. I started sewing about 6 months ago and am loving it. I’ve took a beginners course at CAE and then a few project classes at Thread Den.

I’ve worked up the confidence to do some pieces on my own now.

I’ve made a few dresses and have been on the hunt for vintage fabric.

Here’s a 1950s style dress I made with Vogue Pattern V8184

Here’s a dress I made using fabric cut out of an extra large shirt dress. I love the pattern and the colour. I used a modern pattern though Simplicity 3778

I’m going to be giving Butterick B4790 a shot next.

I am going to make it in black and white like on the packet. I’m a bit worried the whole thing will look grey and black after I wash it though.

I’m yet to give an actual vintage pattern a try, but it’s on my things to do list :)

I have my own blog here: MOO I MADE IT

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  • Very cute dresses! I love that pink one in particular… the red belt gives it just the right touch!

  • Congratulations on such beautiful frocks! You mentioned being concerned about black and white melding into grey…I thought I would suggest washing both fabrics separately first. Wash and dry them ruthlessly. Hottest water they can take (not if you use silk or rayon!) and dry them in the dryer. Then after you make the dress, wash only in cold, gently and line dry then press. May stop the greys from showing up.

    Good luck and post again soon!

  • Thanks for the tip! I will give that a shot, though I try to be green so I don’t own a drier.

    Maybe if I soak both in super hot water, separately and then wash and maybe do it again it might work.

  • Very cute! You did a great job! Love the pup, too!

  • That pink dress is darling!

  • Very cute stuff. I am even more impressed since you’ve only been sewing for 6 months!! You are doing great!

  • Hi, Just surfing around getting inspired for my next project and found you! A thought regarding the greys…if you use salt in your hot wash that will help to set the dye in the black so it shouldn’t run. No guarantees…but I’ve used salt with reds with good results. -Mariah


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