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Bright Pink 50’s Outfit

May 13, 2008
Here are some pictures of my most recently finished retro item.

I used the above pattern for the bodice of the outfit. No particular view… just the various elements that I liked for the outfit.

The skirt was just a basic pencil… two straight panels with darts to fit the waist, with a side zipper.

The fabric was actually an old sheet. It had a natural white trim along the hem, so I took advantage of that and used it as the hem of the skirt. I used seam binding for the trim along the neck and sleeves, and put some along the bodice hem as well to make the distinction between top and bottom.

My only irritation with this outfit is, that though it is a two-piece, the color is so odd and unique that I can’t find anything else to go with it. I was thinking I could wear just the skirt with another top, or vice versa, but I can’t find anything to match (well, except white, of course).
  1. What a beautiful set! Very Clever! I think it is wonderful! Something else that would look nice is a cute litte sweater set!

  2. Gorgeous! It may go quite well with black as well. A full black skirt could look good with the top. Or charcoal, less harsh than black 🙂


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