Vintage Sewing

Simplicity 3438

April 20, 2008

I recently finished this “sexy secretary” blouse (and am modeling it with my very un-sexy weekend pants). It doesn’t photograph very well because of the spots, but it turned out better than I expected, even despite some bumps….

First off, the material is a sheer, silky mystery fabric that was nearly impossible to cut straight. Thankfully, I had way more than I needed, because I had to recut a few pieces.

The sewing wasn’t much easier, and it took me a while to get just the right tension. It was pretty quick, though; it took two evenings, from cut to finish.

I sewed one of the sleeves on backwards; fortunately, the sleeves are plenty billowy, so you can’t really tell. At this point, I’m not taking it apart!

I’m also disappointed that the bow isn’t as wonderfully huge as on the package. Oh, well, maybe the next one I’ll cut the bow twice as big 🙂

  1. I love it. I bet the bows on the picture are loaded with interfacing, which you can’t really do with sheer stuff, but it looks fantastic anyway.

  2. I love your blouse!! I almost bought some fabric just like it but was worried about the see through fact. Anyway, it’s great.

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