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Easter Dress

March 18, 2008

This is my latest dress, which I am calling an Easter dress, although it may be too cold this Sunday to actually wear it. I like the way it turned out, despite the fact that I didn’t cut it on the bias as the pattern called for.

I followed the pattern exactly except for omitting the sleeve ruffles. I did not lengthen it, as it may appear. It’s just that my legs are about half as long as the pattern illustration girl’s.

More construction details can be found on my blog, here.

I love the butterfly print; it reminds me of old school tattoo flash.

  1. Great pairing of fabric and pattern; the contrast pockets are really cute. Not cutting it on the bias didn’t seem to affect the final look at all… I wonder what the point would have been anyway.

  2. Oh my god, that’s great. Am I the only person dying of mirth from your pose? I love it! I love the idea of posing like the illustrations. From now on I want to do this every time I complete a dress. And look at the angle of the illustration’s left hand! What were they thinking when they drew this? Is she trying to elbow someone out of the way? Catch a pair of keys from someone else’s secret back-handed toss?

    I like your gray and red combo, too. 🙂

  3. I love that you used the same pose as the photos! I actually have the same haircut as the illustrated girl and am now tempted to find and try out the same pattern!

  4. hi jenny!,
    your dress is perfect!
    i’ve been collecting some vintage patterns to try for myself…i’m new to sewing clothes too and hope i do ok!
    happy spring!

  5. Yet more proof that pattern illustrations are in no way based on reality – that pose was incredibly awkward. Of course, I couldn’t make my hair swing like the pattern girl’s , since I was not caught in mid ‘tude. Oh yeah, and my hair doesn’t do that. Ever.

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