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A Frock For Xmas Dinner!

January 6, 2008

I can’t remember which challenge suggested we try something we’d been putting off…

I was given a huge stash of Vintage Patterns recently and was determined to get started on something from this stash – a frock for Xmas seemed the perfect opportunity!

Luckily Xmas wasn’t too chilly in London, I wore a bolero and felt warm enough.The pattern was quite easy although I did have to go to town on my dress form – the sizes on the pattern sleeve, although almost matching my own, somehow got lost in the translation. I pinned the dress to the form and cut away a lot of excess – I probably could have gone even more ‘svelte’ but I did want room for turkey and xmas pud.

I don’t have a huge pointy bust, which I think would be an asset with this little number, so I dug out my most Madonna-like underwear – still the front gaped a little. Then I came across the instructions for sewing in two lengths of elastic under the armholes that reach round the back and fasten like a bra – strap. What the?
I did as instructed and lo! the gaping vanished and the neckline lay flat. The only disadvantage being you need another pair of hands to get you into the dress and fasten the elastic..

Swing by my blog for more of the same – Happy 2008 to y’all!

  1. You are too funny! You and pattern lady, arm-in-arm, have me on the floor!

    Very nice with the seamed stockings, too.

    Where are these instructions for elastic armband whatever? Is there a link. I can see myself needing to know this.

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