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My Christmas Dress

December 14, 2007

Here’s the dress I made for the offic Christmas party that happened today.

It’s a mixture of

  • Simplicity 3673, : The skirt and waist area
  • 3774 : The upper part of the bodice
  • and Vogue 2903. : The sleeves
I made it from this green linen that had been waiting in my stash since last Spring. It was 50% off but still $5 a yrd, so I was saving it for something special. 3673 and 2904 are repros while 3774 is one of my favorite pattern tops, I’ve used it three times so far.
Here’s a closer view of the bodice. t was actually a lot of fun to make the pleats and I’ve a coworker who has also sewed and she complimented my even pleats 🙂
  1. Thanks ya’ll, it was actually a lot of fun to sew. Now I’ve got the problem of having to many cute dresses and I hate to help them find new homes, because I spent so much time on them, you know, it different from ones you just buy at the store.

  2. My grandmother used to do this. She would take a sleeve from one Vogue pattern, add it to another’s bodice and use the skirt from a different one. She made some lovely gowns and dresses. I love your dress and wish it showed “green” on the screen. Is the linen a blend?

  3. Probably rowsella, I just saw it at the store and thought, must have, I don’t usually look to close at the fabric contents and go by feel. It feels pretty soft and drapy. It is showing up a bit more blue than it really is, but still, I like that color too 🙂

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