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Vogue 2859 Shirt

November 7, 2007

So I loved crybaby’s shirt and it inspired me this morning when I should have been doing some descriptive statistics, but this was more fun and frustrating. errrr, I can’t get the collar thing to look right and have ended up cutting it off.

This was how it looked, I just can’t fingure out the whole looking like it goes under itself thing, so now this is what it looks like.

I suppose one of favorite parts of the pattern is the back anyway. Anyway suggestions to get the collar right would be seriously appreciated. This was my muslin from that wonderful $1 Golden D’or fabric they sell at Walmat 🙂 I’ve some yellow challis that I want to use to make it with the actual collar detail.

  1. i had terrible trouble with it too. the instructions for the shoulders and the collar are really vague.

    i think the secret is to not chop too much of the organza trim away and be really careful when clipping to the dot in the corner. I was also careful, when sewing the collar pieces together in the twist to make sure that I sewed a little bit beyond the corner and caught a little of the hemmed neckline in the seam to make sure that the neckline and the twist were “tight”.

    when i wear the top i also have to pull the twist around so that it looks right, otherwise it tends to look a bit “folded”.

    i will have a think about how to word it better. it’s hard to put into words how i did it.

    love the top without the collar too and the fabric pattern is really cool.

  2. very nice! I too love using Walmart $1 cuts for my “muslins” In fact, I just bought some about an hour ago for a knit 70’s dress 😉

  3. Thanks for your explanation crybaby, you’re right the instructions are a bit scarce with the collar and its one of the most unique things about the shirt, you’d think they would have more pictures and instructions. I’ll admit I’ve grown complacent and stopped really reading the instructions, this made me reevaluate that mindset.

    On the other hand, I’ve received many compliments on my shirt today 🙂

    Yes Missy, I do love the $1 and $2 Walmart fabric, most come from Golden D’or and I keep meaning to go by their outlet here in Dallas so I can get the fabrics direct, but its clear across town and I’m usually pretty busy. I couldn’t imagine sewing with real muslin when you can use real fabric and hopefully make it wearable for all the time you spend on it.

  4. I tried the same pattern, followed the directions to the letter, and got some kind of scarf-ish thing. But, like you, it didn’t look good and I cut it off! I think it looks great without the scarf, personally.

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