1. Oh, my gosh, what a gorgeous dress this is with the proper petticoat! Totally cute. Won’t you feel like swishing that skirt around now!

  2. It’s amazing how much the “right” underpinnings contribute to a dress.

    PS It’s gorgeous and I love the red petticoat!

  3. Wow, I’m astounded at what a difference the petticoat made to the look of the dress. I was wondering if it was worth making or buying a petticoat for the retro fashions I have in the lineup, and obviously it is.

  4. You have convinced me that I really must have a petticoat… I always thought that it would be a ‘nice touch’, but this one takes your dress has gone from cute to stunning.

  5. Wonderful crinny! I’ve always loved how the crinny helps make our waists look slimmer and promotes the wasp-waisted sillouete.

  6. Not only does it make the dress look great, I love the idea of a cheeky flash of red every now and then when you turn or sit or bend.

  7. I have a little petticoat like that too – they’re so wonderful with fluffing out full skirts. This dress is adorable; I love that fabric!

  8. That is absolutely adorable. I think the petticoat makes all the difference in the world! I wouldn't change it at all. And– the PINK is so much better than plain old white.
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