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I no longer have a sewers block!

October 22, 2007

Wohoo Anna’s idea of “no more buts” couldn’t have come at a better time! My but wasn’t really a project or whatever … but life, it got in the way and I just stopped sewing for 2 months and I then got that panic whereby you question if you really can do something.

So I pretty much literally threw myself in this weekend and I have 2 new lovely dresses to show for it. I think they are both 60s but quite different – this Simplicity one and a McCalls.

Which make up like so:


I am one happy bunny and I think I have my addiction back … just as well for my giant stash of fabric!

Hannah x

  1. Oooh, Hannah, they’re lovely!
    I’m very taken with the blue floral one- is it a cunningly thrifted sheet? I’ve never seen that kind of great pattern on the roll..

  2. Ya know I do think it was once a sheet … I get those kind of vibes from it.

    But it was a gift from my Nan who gathers things from all sorts of places, and it was cut on all edges …

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