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August 15, 2007

I love, love, love this site.

I’m new at sewing. A dear friend gave me a machine last year for my 40th birthday after I told her I’ve always wanted to learn to sew. Last summer I took a sewing class. Big fun. I made a skirt. Since then I’ve mostly made tote bags but I’m sooo ready to make garments for myself. I absolutely adore fashions from the 50s. I like things from the 70s and other decades, too.

These days I’m getting all homemaker and have added embroidery to my handwork arsenal. I’m really enjoying it and plan to use it to embellish clothing. I’ve been knitting longer than anything (but still not very long), for about 2.5 years. Sewing and knitting are dreams come true for me. I’d wanted to learn these arts for so long. The embroidery came as a total surprise. One day I woke up and just had to do it. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but very cool to know, I can actually do any of them.

By the way, I live in Los Angeles, a surprisingly crafty town.

Oh, here’s the one retro thing I’ve made so far:

It’s from this pattern, which I found at a swap meet (I added the purse because doesn’t every girly girl need one?):

Because I really want to sew retro, I bought this on eBay last month:

Well, it sure is swell to meet you all.

Happy sewing,

  1. Thank you, Hannah. I’m trying to catch up with the fabulous sewers here. 🙂

    Isn’t she, Dawn? She’s my friend’s daughter. I was so happy she liked the outfit. I’m still wondering what she puts in her purse. She’s only 4, lol. Thanks for welcoming me!

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