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If it itches, scratch it

August 26, 2007

I spent several hours this weekend working on my 1975 era dress project. I tried it on before I put the sleeves on, and the fabric ITCHES! It felt fine in my hand, had a nice drape, so I never anticipate this problem. Guess that is why the fabric was on sale. I don’t want to line it, so I guess I will rip out the zipper to use on something else and toss it. Grrrrrr. It am annoyed that I wasted so much time, but I will have to just consider this as practice, and move on to another project.

What do you do when a project isn’t coming out right, for whatever reason? I HATE giving up on a project, and it is frustration like this that makes me question if I really want to start sewing again.

  1. Wow, I had that same problem with some cheap fabric I got off the dollar rack at Walmart. Funny, I also made it into a 70s frock, a wrap dress to be exact. I ended up wearing it with a slip. I also hate to bother with taking it apart and lining it and the slip, while not perfect, make it wearable without itching constantly, just occaisionally.

  2. And if none of the other recommendations work, remember, it’s not a failure, it’s a muslin. Well done you for taking the time to make one before getting started on the real fabric!

  3. I would line it too. If that is the only problem, it really shouldn’t be too hard to do and shouldn’t ruin the look.

  4. When a project isn’t working out, I usually try to finish it as a learning experience (since I’m a newish sewer). Then it goes into the huge ‘fix/mend/alter’ box in the corner where I ignore it for a while.

  5. When I pick up a sweater that feels soft in my hands, I touch it to my cheek and then I can tell if its going to be itchy. Perhaps the same would work for fabric, worth a try next time.

  6. Sometimes you only have to line a little bit where it rubs (say round the neck and the cuffs) and just wear a slip for the rest.

    I’d be loath to give up now, but I know what you mean!

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