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Another sundress

June 22, 2007

I have been very slow on the sewing lately, but here’s finally a new garment!
I’ve made another sundress for my daughter, using my own tutorial (you can find it here). The dress is made from two straight pieces of fabric, only with a little shaping for the arms. It is gathered with elastic at the top. The edging around the arms continues into two ties on each shoulder. You can use bias binding, but I just used two straight double-folded strips of the dress fabric. Since it’s seersucker it’s flexible.
This time I didn’t refashion an old garment, it’s from all new material. I love the fabric, which is a Japanese import from Reprodepot. I think it’s very seventies and wild and trippy. The colours aren’t quite as acidic in RL.
More photos here.

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