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Return of the Target dress

May 14, 2007

This dress is the one from last year that I wanted to make out of a tablecloth from Target. I chose the pattern (McCall’s 5042) because of the amount of fabric I thought I had. However, the bodice uses princess seams in the front and back and I didn’t realize how much of a problem the print would be for this design.

Here are the pinned front and back of the bodice. I think the front is fine, as there is no way the pattern would match because of the seaming. Unfortunately, the back is not as attractive.

Now, it would be possible to cut out some more pieces for the back with the amount of fabric I have left, but it would still be a gamble. What do you think, is it alright like this or should I try again? Please help me.

  1. I think it will be fine, you’re going to get a nice wide expanse of print on the skirt anyway so the front of the boddice is great. As for the back, who checks out the back of your dress anyway??? If it really bugs you get a shrug to wear over it, but I think it’s fine. If it really bugs you try cutting again, but personally I’d leave it alone!

  2. If it bugs you why not try re-cutting just one piece of the back. Maybe the left center piece. Can you cut it so that you get more of the flowers on the right center back piece? that looks nice.

    You can also use a wider belt than in the picture to detract from any interruptions in patterning.

  3. Personally I really like the top of the back bodice, the 2 big yellow flowers line up well. And you’d loose that recutting. So I’d leave it, belt will cover it as said.

    And finally as my dad would say (only he’d be referring to wallpaper!) you only notice the imperfections as you did the job and no one else will unless you point them out.

  4. I really like the way the back looks just as it is. I like that it’s busier than the front, and how it gets darker as it moves into the waist, makes the waist look even smaller. I would totally leave it!

  5. I think it looks lovely as is~It definitely seems to complement the waist area, even making it seem smaller, as someone else mentioned~Sew on!


  6. I think it will be fine, too, but if it continues to bother you, consider re-cutting the side front and back pieces in a plain white fabric – it will help visually slim the waist, and the center front and back pieces look great together.

  7. I like it as is, and noticed the same things as the other posters regarding the darker color at the waist and the concentration of flowers/foliage at the waist. Wear it with a wide, shiny red patent leather belt (also available at target) and great red shoes and no one will notice!

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